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Apple reveals further details about the new iPhone 15 USB-C port

Accessories could benefit

When Apple revealed the brand new iPhone 15 series before this week, there was a crucial difference to the iPhones that had come before a USB- C harborage rather of Lightning. Now, we know a little bit further about the spec of this harborage.

As per an Apple support document( via MacRumors), the USB- C harborage on all iPhone 15 models is going to affair up to4.5 W of power – that means there is enough juice to charge up an Apple Watch, an AirPods case, or other small widgets.

The Lightning harborage on former iPhones offered a piddly0.3 W, as 9to5Mac points out, which means there are a lot further possibilities for accessories. An external, movable , USB- powered hard drive could theoretically be connected over the harborage, for case.

Another crucial bit of information revealed in the document is that the iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max are going to support USB3.2 Gen 2 for data transfer speeds up to 10 Gbps. As the USB- C string included with these phones only supports USB 2 pets, you will need to get another one to maximize data transfer rates.

Spec gaps

As had been preliminarily reported, the document also confirms that all iPhone 15 models support DisplayPort affair for over to 4K HDR screen mirroring on an external display. still, there is not the extended display mode set up on some iPads.

With preorders now being reused and the phones going on trade in stores on September 22, these nuggets of information filler in some of the remaining spec gaps. Only history we got evidence of the battery capacities of all four iPhone 15 models.

The switch to USB- C is really one of the biggest changes to hit the iPhone series since it made its debut all the way back in 2007. still, we have written up everything you need to know, If you are wondering how it will affect Apple’s smartphones going forward.

We were on the ground as Apple unveiled the iPhone 15 range, and we have published our early, hands- on prints of the handsets formerly check out our iPhone 15 review, iPhone 15 Plus review, iPhone 15 Pro review, and iPhone 15 Pro Max review.

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